Friday, April 25, 2008

lump on my breast?

Two years ago, i was still in the philippines waiting for my visa process. my hubby (was then my fiance) is planning to visit me for the second time. and because we both dont want me to get pregnant yet he told me to buy birth control prescription pills. But i just dont wanna buy anything over the counter so i decided to go to an obgyne clinic, i called my friend and asked wheres her obgyne clinic at so she went with me during my appointment. and at that time i was expecting my monthly period to come in a few days cuz i've been feeling the signs of having it. and the signs that im gonna have my period are my breast is a lil sore and tender especially in the morning when i get up from bed, crumps and a lil headache (sometime). i believe a lot of women out there feel those same signs. so the obgyne asked me to take off my shirt and my bra, and then i lay on the lil bed that was there. she asked me to put my hand up around my head, so i did in order for her to check my breast. and while she was checkin it she told me that she feels some lil lumps in it (small cyst). so i got scared and nervous cuz i wasn't expecting her to find anything in my breast cuz for all i know i am healthy and we dont have any history like that in the family, they say that breast cancers are also heriditary. after the check up she gave me a piece of paper, a referral for ultrasound. she said i have to go for ultrasound first to make sure because i can't take any birth control pills if i have a cyst. i went home upset! but then i went to the hospital for ultrasound, it was a guy who did my ultrasound( pissed me off!) but i just think he had seen a lot of breast already and that he doesnt care seeing mine. LOL! besides it's his job! so the ultrasound goes and its taking him a long time to find those lumps that the obygne had felt in my breast. he even asked me which part did the obgyne found the lump. so i was kinda curious already because if there was really a lump he could have found it so easy DUH! so i pointed out which part it is, then he slide the ultrasound to that part and i guess he just put sizes in it just to prove that there was really a lump. after a while of waiting for the result i went back to the obgyne clinic and showed to the result to her and told me that there was really a lump. it scares the hell out of me to hear that! and i was screaming in my mind it couldn't be! no way! i dont have a lump! i dont feel anything in my breast. i wasn't really convinced with the result so i asked fore a second opinion becuz the obgyne already told me to have it remove before it gets big, and she can't give me a prescription birth control. what? it looks like it has become so complicated. i told my hubby about it and he was also nervous for me and even asked me if i can still have a baby. haha! so heres the second opinion, it was a surgeon who checked my breast (again a guy) but my friend was inside with us. his findings, he said he can't really feel it and can't really tell if it was really a lump. so he told me not to worry and i have to observe it if it gets big and go back to him for a biopsy, to know if the lump is cancerous or not. but after a few months of observing i still didn't feel anythin in my breast. so i didn't go back instead i went to another obgyne clinic. and she didn't find anything in my breast so she gave me a prescription birth control. ahhhh!!!! what a big relief! my hubby was so happy cuz in just a few more weeks he's in PI again and i got my pills.
that was a terrible experience for me and i even consider it a nightmare! imagine what if i had the surgery right away? not only that i spend a lot of money for the check ups but also i was terrified! those docotrs are crazy! sometime you really have to be careful in choosing a doctor! well it was my friend's doctor thats why i trusted her! but then i realized that not all doctor treats you well good a hundred percent. maybe before choosing a doctor to treat you, you have to do a little reading about their reputation and backgrounds. that was a very big lesson learned for me! even now that i'm already here in the states and been to different check ups, there was no lump felt or found in my breast.

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