Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My shoulder sores

My hubby bought this wii last december as a gift to me. he said so i have something to play when i get bored. i like it so much! i played almost everyday. there are different games that is so fun! but the badminton is my ultimate favorite game. not only that it is fun but also a good sort of exercise,cuz you play it as if you are really playing in a court. sometimes my hubby and i play together as a competition but he always beat me. i never win over him! we bought a few more wii video games and the last one that we bought is called "The legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess" my hubby loves to play it. i never play it cuz i always do the badminton, the other day i was bored and i said i need to do some exercise cuz i notice im getting fat. not a good sign! but since i dont wanna do crunches cuz it hurts i chose to play the wii. and i did badminton again... ummm.... maybe i played for about 30 minutes then i got tired so i stop. the next morning which is yesterday i felt my shoulder is a lil sore.and until now i can still feel it! maybe because i haven't been playing for a long time that is why my muscle was forced.

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