Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Modern Toilet

On the title itself i know you are thinking about the "toilet where you do your p**p**" but that is not what i'm talking about here. i am talking about a "toilet-themed restaurant"

yes! thats right!! do you think you will have appetite just by thinking that you're gonna eat inside a toilet?

ugh! maybe some of you would say... eeeeeeewwww!!! no way!

but you know what toilet themed resaturant is popular in the country of taiwan. i've been to taiwan actually but i have never had the chance to see and eat in a restaurant like this. too bad cuz it only started in 2004, i was already in PI back then. and now the toilet themed resto's have 12 chains in different places of taiwan according to my research. and two of those are called the "Modern Toilet" and "Marton" heres the pics:

the seats are made of toilet bowls instead of chairs. sinks, faucets coded with WC ( referred as Cr in their language) appear throughout the facilities. the foods are served on a plate on top of a mini version of toilet bowls.

it seems like a bizaare food icon in taiwan... and speaking of bizaare i guess this toilet themed restaurants was shown on travel channel, on the show bizaare foods.


honey said...

ngeek! I think I don't like to eat there..bahala gaanu pa cya ka sarap...LOL...

shimumsy said...

i don't think i would be able to eat from these toilet stuffs. the taste of the food will not change what is on my mind.

jana said...

OMG! thats weird, not sure if i can eat on that place even how clean it is, green thing laying on my mind!!!