Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st Rants and Musings

It's the first day of the month of July and i just wanna write my very first post for this month besides its gonna be a month long journey that i look forward to though time pass by like a flash. With the busy lifestyle here in US you'll never even know that its already the last day of the month. But i'm a stay at home wife how can i not notice the hour and days pass me by? well, i have a busy lifestyle too here in blogging world. LOL! eversince i have set up this blog most of my time are in here, im preoccupied most of the time during the day. and time for me is like a blink of an eye, in fact sometimes i don't even eat my lunch on time anymore. i could only remember that i haven't eat lunch when my stomach starts to rumble inside. haha! well that just mean i am enjoying this so much now! and i just can't stop! though i am not doing this mainly to earn money online but its a very good thing when i get the chance to grab some opps cuz i am more motivated to blog but it seems that those opps are so slippery sometimes that i couldn't even catch one but its okey i am still enjoying. well i enjoy hopping to other blogs too, i get to know other people's life when they write their rants and musing about their life. i also get to learn a lot of stuff online. and i guess it is really helping me a lot. i am becoming so aware of the things that is happening around and even on the other side of the world as well as with the latest tech. i am so fascinated how people get to connect thru blogging. and i am becoming more open and confident to share to the world who i am too! i only hope that its gonna be a good one for me this month too! and i wish that i'll get my GC pretty soon and learn to drive eventually so i can go anywhere and just be free sometimes, go out with my friends maybe! haha!

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