Friday, July 11, 2008

Roast Beef ala Gle

The picture above is my homemade roast beef. It's my first time to make it, my hubby just loves it. We had this when we visited my bff in Georgia, she actually gave me the very simple how to do it with no recipe at all. So i tried to make it and it turns out so well. It is really mouth watering and the beef is like melting in your mouth. I also steamed some broccolli as a side dish. I dont eat broccolli before but when i tasted it at Ruby Tuesday's restaurant, Oh it was just so good! So now i make it sometime especially when i thought that i need to eat some veggies because i don't really eat veggies everyday now since i moved here which makes me really miss our very own local veggies in the Philippines.

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