Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lucky Day

Yup! today is my lucky day. why? because i already got my green card! yey! i didn't need to wait for three weeks as what their letter says. that was fast! and another thing what makes today my lucky day because social spark approved my blog finally. i have been waiting for it for the last few months for my blog to reach its 90th days. I submitted it to them yesterday and when i check my email this morning... wow! there was a good news! yey too! Now i can also grab some task from them plus i was able to grab an opp from 3p today just before we went out for a walk so i had just posted it a few minutes ago. Sweet!! These advertisers and USCIS just made my day! hehe!

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Money-Faced Blogger ("I'M WORTH IT") said...

Hi, Congratulations! That's really great news... :)