Thursday, July 24, 2008

Get Certified at Cisco

I remember during my time of deciding which course should i take up in college i didn't think of IT, because during that time computers were not yet introduced. and IT course weren't that popular. But when computers arised, i became eager and excited to learn about it. But by that time i know that i can't go back to school and give IT course a try.

In todays modern world everything goes high tech. the invasion of computer in every field of a career rised up rapidly in years. That is pretty much an idea for a student to choose which course to take in college. Its true that IT or Information Technology is one of the most biggest hit of all courses. Cuz if you are an IT specialist you get a lot of edge in your field, You'll be more competitive than others. And that also gave me the idea of getting an IT training thru Cisco certification. I have been thinking of going back to school and take up some classes cuz i wanna be more competitive, i want to excel and achieve success in my career. And i guess that Cisco training would give me the chance to achieve that goal.

Career growth is a choice, and i am one of those who chooses to give myself a boost. I know that along the way i will encounter some obstacles and challenges but i am sure that with my strong determination i can overcome that obstacle. I believe that taking up an IT training at Cisco is all worth because they are highly respected for bringing measurable rewards to networking professionals.

With all that said i believe that after i get my training and have Cisco certification, i can get the edge that i am aspiring for. And landing into a job that would give me a boost will be as easy as 1,2,3. Because the need of IT professionals are so in demand around the globe. Achieving my goal is just within my reach thru Cisco certification.

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