Saturday, July 5, 2008

My 1st July 4th

It was my first time for the 4th of July here in the states, I was overwhelmed by how americans celebrate their Independence Day unlike in PI, it is just like any ordinary day that people just dont care or ignore. Last night my hubby and i went downtown to watch the fireworks. He came home from work and took a nap for a couple of hours cuz he works early in the morning and today he works doubleshift. i told him that we dont really need to go cuz then he would stay up late and wont be able to have enough sleep. but he insist cuz he really wanted to show me the fireworks and besides its my first time to celebrate Independence Day with him. So we went there about seven thirty at night, brought blanket to sit on the grass. We had dinner there and waited for the fireworks. There were many people at the park, kids playing around, different races, it was nice! its like a one very big family having picnic at the park. haha! we sitted there for like almost three hours waiting for the fireworks and at ten p.m. it went off but we were annoyed cuz we were on the wrong spot. haha! we couldn't see the fireworks! so we got up same as the people around us and we walk as fast as we can to the right spot where the fireworks can be seen. we don't wanna miss it! it only lasted for like twenty minutes, that's a short show! remember we were there early and waited for a long time for that very short show! hahaha! but anyway we both enjoyed it! the fireworks were amazingly beautiful!!!

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Kwagoo said...

i think its difficult to appreciate independence day, any other holiday, here in the philippines since the government keeps moving the dates to accommodate longer vacation weekends.

also since there's also a lot of question whether the philippines is truly independent from the choking reign of the united states.

on the other hand, it seems like you had a great independence day there.. :D congratulations on your 1st july 4th celebration!

take care and God bless you.