Friday, July 18, 2008

3 Facts About Me

This tag is from Vicy, thanks so much! Been a lil busy lately so i just posted it today.

3 Facts about me:
> Strong
> Fighter
> Caring
3 Things that scares me:
> Losing my love ones!
> Death
> Snakes
3 Songs playing in my mind:
> No One
> Bubbly
> Forever
3 Valuable things in my life:
> Hubby
> Family
> Friends
3 First times in my life recently:
> Driving
> Blogging
> Online Study
3 Words or things I always say or use:
> Ano?
> Honey ba!
> Oo

Passing this tag to all who want to snag it! Feel free to grab it here. You dont need to be tag to join and answer the questions.

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