Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yeah that's how i feel tonight. My hubby and i went for a walk again for like almost five miles back and forth. we are doing that as a routine since summer started during hubby's days off. He needed to lose some weight and i am affected cuz i have to go with him. It's really hot for a walk well i dont have any choice cuz he doesn't wanna go alone. i understand his reason that aside from the hot weather walking alone its also boring! haha! i was sweating like hell, good thing i put sunscreen on my skin cuz if not i might have been burned.

After the walk we stop by at DQ to get some sundae for me, hehe! its my reward for walking with him. I deserve it besides i sweat like hell! we just rest for a while and took shower and head to walmart for grocery shopping, another walking. it took us about another hour there walking around every aisle, who wouldn't get tired of that?! that is why i havent got the time to do some hopping earlier today. although i am already tired and just want to lay down in bed here i am still trying to hop back to those who visited me today! thank you to all who visited me! Gotta go now... see you all tomorrow!

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