Sunday, July 6, 2008

Books Books Books

These books came yesterday afternoon, We bought it from ebay actually my hubby won the bidding. He's been using ebay for online shopping over ten years now. It's cheaper to shop online besides these books isn't new anymore. He also sell some of our stuff that we dont need anymore on ebay and when i finish all these books they'll go back on ebay for sale. haha! I dont know when am i gonna start nor finish these books cuz since i have been to blogging i can no longer have enough time to read books, infact i am not yet done with the one i started to read and here comes more! haha! I could only read these when we are on a trip. i usually read on the plane. Well i guess i'll make them sit under the coffee table for a while until i get to finish the "House", the one i am currently reading also by Danielle Steel. She's my favorite author.

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