Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Ranting

Wow! i can't believe i got up so early today, amazing! lol! this seldom happens. its all because i slept early last night. So i've been infront of my (slow motion) PC checking my mails and also my messgaes on my cbox and was able to blog hop to those who visited me! and was able to reserve some task from ppp though my pc is pissing me off again, grrrrr..... i just wanna wreck it!! I dont know what is going on with it, the anti virus didn't detect any virus in it so i dont understand whats makin it running so slow. My hubby noticed it too and he also is getting pissed off! i've been bugging him about this for a long time. He told me that we can't buy a new one yet since there are more important concerns that we need to settle rather buying a new computer set. One of those concerns is our moving in a couple of months. hay! what can i do but to be patient though most of the time i dont have it especially when im working on something here.

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