Thursday, July 3, 2008

SSN Coming Soon!

Received a letter from social security office yesterday saying that i will receive my social security card after two weeks. Thats a good news for me, i would be able to work soon. Maybe i should start looking for a job now. Oh well it should just be close to our apartment since i am not driving yet. Good thing we are so close to a mall, i hope i can find a job there for a start. My hubby doesn't really like the idea that i'll be riding a bus when i start working, he's scared for me cuz he knew that there are unexpected things that may happen especially that i am not yet so familiar with the people here. And there are crazy people everywhere that we just can't avoid. And just recently the Dateline show of NBC featured a rape case here in our place wherein the rapist waits for his victim at a bus stop. Although that happened long time ago still that doesn't mean that there are no people like him anymore these days. And one time he told me that when i start working he would buy me a taser for protection. I agreed with him cuz this time of days where crimes are everywhere we all need to have some protection. I just hope that i could learn to drive soon, im practising now though im still scared behind the wheels. grrrrrrr.... I wish they have jeepneys or tricyles here! LOL!

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Lara said...

Congrats girl! Yep, my hubby either didn't want me to ride a bus coz he was scared coz there are some rude people baka daw bastusin ako. So, he was so determined to teach me to drive and Thank God for his patients and courage to teach me. Now, I can drive around. Keep learning to drive sis, you will learn in time and gain confidence it's not easy at first but you will learn it. Drive safely.