Friday, July 11, 2008

Bea Alonzo's Album

im missing you - Bea Alonzo

I just heard that Bea Alonzo released her very first solo album, i knew way back then that she really has a good voice aside from acting. I've heard her sing before already though it wasn't live. But now that shes promoting her album "The Real Me" she always sing live. and listening to her songs makes me admire her more cuz this young actress in the Philippines has a lot to offer and can prove herself with her craft. She really is very talented and a young age she has achieved a lot and been the box office queen. This girl is beautiful inside and out that is why i admire her among all the young talents in showbiz industry in the Philippines. Click on play and listen to her sing her carrier single "I'm Missing You", most of the songs on her album are her choice.

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Allen's Darling said...

Hi Glessie

Wow, i miss this news regarding bea wow shes a singer now. I'm sure i will buy her album later ha ha ha okies see you around just buzzing

syairsyiar said...

wow, this singer is very cute :). nice collection :)