Monday, July 21, 2008

Alzheimers Memory Walk

The Alzheimers Association memory Walk is going to held Alzheimer's Memory Walk this coming fall in 600 communities for about 2-3 mile walk on a weekend morning, and they are in need of a team captain. This is the nations largest event to raise awareness and funds for alzheimers care, support and research. If you are an individual who are willing to be a volunteer in helping this association they would be grateful for your help and willingness to be one of them. Be the champion in fighting alzheimers.

We can all make a difference in each life that we touch, and being in a team with Alzheimers Association memory Walk in fighting Alzheimer is a great ooportunity in helping our nation in a voluntary way. Make your walk with a purpose and together we can move closer in a world without Alzheimers. We can move a Nation!

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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