Saturday, July 5, 2008

Deviled Eggs

I woke up so early this morning which is very weird and rare to me cuz i usually get up late, im not a morning person. We slept late last night cuz we went downtown and got back home by midnight but i don't know why i woke up so early at 5 a.m. just after my hubby left for work. Since i couldn't force myself to go back to bed i just sit infront of our PC and check my emails and my blog as well with a cup of coffee.

After 2 hours, i remember last night before my sleepy head put me to sleep i was thinking of making deviled eggs. So i made it early today. it's my first time to make it so i only made a few. test first! test first! lol! My hubby loves deviled eggs so i look for a very simple recipe of it cuz he doesn't like pickles, suppose to be there's pickles in it but i just skip it. So to make it short, the photo above is the outcome (excuse the mess of the paprika) i can't find a deviled egg holder at walmart when we went there just a couple days ago so i just put it in a tupperware.... i texted him and forwarded him a pic of it and he told me to bring it to the airport. hahaha! funny! as if i know how to drive.

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