Saturday, September 27, 2008

With the Journey

Just recently i have posted a video of the journey's concert here in our city. Well the fun we had didn't end at that night cuz the next day when my husband was at work he called me up and told me that journey was at the airport. He was so excited to meet them especially Arnel Pineda. So what he did was he ran to his car and get his journey cd and camera. Good timing he brought his camera too with him cuz he wanted to show his co-employees the pictures and videos he captured during the concert. So he got them all signed the cd. What's funny was that he called me and ask me if i'm ready, so i said yes. He gave his phone to Arnel so i was able to talk to him for a while. I just congratulated him for their successful concert and told him that i as one of the filipinos who watch their concert was so proud of him. heres a pic of them with my husband.

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