Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bad Impression

Well well well.... i had a very busy day today at work, its weekend so we expected a lot of customer will be comin in today at the store to shop. Especially that most schools are having their homecoming so a lot of teens were into rush to buy some pretty dress and nice pair of shoes to match up their outfit. So now we are really out of stock in most of our dressy shoes which is good cuz we really wanted to get rid to all of it now that fall started and boots are comin in. actually we have a lot of boots in style in our dispaly now and they're all on sale. I think i really did good on my sale today.

But my very point in this post is this, i happened to ring up a customer and i kinda have the feeling that she was a filipina so i asked her and i was right. She asked me if how long have i been here in the US and so i said over a year now. She's with her husband so i thought it would be proper if i speak to her in english so her husband wouldn't feel out of place. And she's been here for over 30 years already. So we said our "nice to meet you" stuff and then she said.... "oh its amazing that you've only been here for over a year and you can speak english so well now. At the back of my mind was a question, "Didn't you learn english way back in the philippines at school?" Like duh???? Was that shocking at all? How dumb could she think of a filipina like her when it comes to speaking english, a kindergarten could even say a whole sentence in english. Or they could even speak english fluently. I just felt so upset that some people would think that way. I took this negatively cuz i just don't like the way she uttered it to me, it was so sarcastic!!! She thinks she's the only one who can speak good english just because she's been here for a long time. Pissed me off... Freak!!!!

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