Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Charice's Achievement!

Another achievement for charice pempengco that all filipinos should be proud of! she just made another history! watch her sing with her idol celine dion in madison square. I was really blown away and teary eyed while watching her sing makin all filipinos around the world so proud of her! I was also touched with celine's words to charice, you can really feel her sincerity and proud for charice. watch this..

I've seen charice sing eversince in the Philippines and i knew that with the quality of her voice she would go too far to reach her dreams, she didn't win first place in the television contest in the Philippines but look at where she is now? She's been singing in different places in the world and all with great and famous singers and performers.She really deserved it with all that shed been through in life at her young age. I just hope and pray that she would keep her feet on the ground so people would follow her, admire her and believe in her. And that she would be guided well by the people around her.

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honey said...

Thanks for sharing gle. I love the video WOW! Amazing talaga cya...