Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great Recipes at the Cook Off

I admit that when i was at a younger age i don't know how to cook, that is why i struggle to learn how to make simple dishes especially my favorite ones. I know in my heart that i love cooking and because of my determination i can now say that i can cook any recipe. The secret is very simple, this was an advice my aunt told me, cooking isn't really hard as long as you know how to mix up ingredients to come up with your own dish. And i guess she's right cuz now that i'm married i am now responsible in cooking our own meal. I never heard my husband complain about the dishes that i have made.

I came across with this cook off at www.GreatAmericanSeafoodCookOff.com, i was so excited to browse it since my husband and i loves seafood so much! and our favorite seafood is shrimp so i chose the recipe featured in the picture above which is called Texas Gulf Shrimp created by Chef Mark Holley of Texas. From the picture alone i can see that i am really goin to like it especially because it has tomato relish. I may wanna try to make this recipe myself, but i wanna use local fresh shrimp, cuz fresh seafood tastes way better than the frozen ones which is been in the freezer for a long time.

If you are a also cooking enthusiast like me i encourage you to visit the site www.GreatAmericanSeafoodCookOff.com and see how professional chefs make their winning recipes, you can also vote for your favorite recipe and get a chance to win a trip to New Orleans.
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