Monday, September 1, 2008

Day-off Post

Im off from work today and tomorrow, thank God! Atleast i can rest my feet and just relax. I just finished watching a movie which my husband started for me. i dont really wanna watch a movie especially in the morning cuz i gotta a lots of chores to do but he says i can do the chores anytime so i just watch it instead. Now that im done with the movie i feel so lazy to do the household but i have to cuz if i dont next week will be my chance to clean everything and i dont wanna wait til next week cuz by then the furnitures, bathroom and kitchen are all gonna be so dusty, i hate to see them uncleaned so i gotta do it all today. Tomorrow we both have an appointment with the feet doctor. hehe! Been complaining a lot about my feet after work, its killing me! i need some shoe insets or maybe a good shoe that i would be comfortable with eventhough i keep on walking the whole day. We tried to buy some shoe insets from walmart but sadly it wont work.

Sometimes i really thought of giving up and just find another job but my husband told me just to be patient besides i cant make money anywhere like what i am making right now, atleast i am getting commissions. Which is good for a starter like me. This is my first job here in the states. it's not that hard but you gotta do a lot of walking as customer service associate in a shoe department. Gotta have a lot of patience too dealing with those picky customers. Well that's how we make money isn't it? patience is everything! But i dont know how long my patience is especially when i feel grumpy at times, haha! lately i dont understand myself. I feel like my head has so much air inside and i feel like im floating. oooppss... dont get me wrong i'm not on drugs! lol! just recently i kinda have this feeling of dizziness too. might be pregnant huh?! well, i wish.. been waiting for it.

Well i guess i gotta do my pending house hold task now, i already started the bathroom and just left it for a while to start my favorite tagalog rock songs playlist on imeem so i can listen to it while cleaning. it would atleast give me energy to finish all my cleanings today. Gotta go folks and be back later to visit you all who visited me and do some pending tags as well.

Happy Labor Day to all! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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