Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Label for Back to School

My husband and i have our drawer with a lot of file folders in it, and each folder contains different documents, important papers and even our bills and paycheck stubs. And sometimes when we open the drawer the labels always fall off. So i need to take the folder out of the drawer and attach the label in it which is just a piece of paper wrap with a plastic thing and stick at the edge of the folder. So i browse online and i found Dymo. This could make my job a lot easier if i make a label of each folder with dymo. I won't have a hard time anymore looking for the folder that i need if i make a label using dymo.

This is also good thing and a big help to all moms now that it's back to school. All the things that their kids need for school will be a lot easier to organize for their kids to find anything that they need. Like putting a label in their notebooks, flashy school books that their school required them to cover, or even their lunch boxes. So check out dymo now and own one!

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Anonymous said...

oh! I remember that! They were fun to use. I loved "punching" the letters. ^_^