Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Journey's Concert

It's been a while since i last updated my page. Well i was just kinda busy and tired from work, and i also want to apologize folks for not returning your favors lately. but anyway i'm here now and i want to make sure that before i leave my laptop i visited you all and drop you ec. I'll be working late today, i'm scheduled for closing which is 5:00 p.m. until 9:30 tonight. Yeah just a few hours, our manager cut back some of our hours since the store isn't that busy these days. We will again on holidays. In fact i feel lazy to go to work today cuz i'm still sleepy i didn't have enough sleep last night cuz we went to Journey's concert here in Spokane ast the Spokane Arena.

Speaking of the concert last night, we really enjoyed it! I know for sure that all the people who were there had fun with the concert. Our kababayan Arnel Pineda was so amazing! He owned the floor, the audience were so amazed with his great voice and high notes! My husband says he sounded even better than the original singer cuz he can hold high long notes way better. I also saw some fellow filipinos in the concert, i knew that they were there like me to support and cheer for our kababayan Arnel. This is another achievement for our fellowmen that our country should be proud of! What makes me really proud was after their last performance, after introducing all their names he yelled "pinoy" after his co-band member says his name. Here is a video of one of their songs which my husband had recorded. One of my favorite songs. It's not that clear cuz were far from the stage, it was just captured from the big screen above.

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