Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shoe Shopping

Since i start working i also started getting addicted with shoes, why not eh i work with shoes?! hehehe! Yeah i'm in the shoe dept. of JC Penney. Where i can see all kinds and styles of shoes. We actually have clearance and everything from $30-$50 original priced are now $7.97, isn't that a great deal? plus i can buy any shoes i want cheaper cuz i have an associate discount. What could be more cooler than that huh? So just recently before all the stocks is gone i bought two pairs that i liked. and here they are at the pics below.

The pair above was the last pair of my size so i wont let it slip off me, i have to have it! So after punching out from work i bought right away so it will not be sold to somebody else. hehe! I wore them on our recent trip to New Mexico, Nevada and Tennessee. Cute eh? Now my husband asked me... "Are you starting to collect shoes?"

and my reply... "yup!" hehehe!

Every women loves shoes.. right?


@~eStHeR~@ said...

Me too~! I always buy shoes monthly.. Haha~!

Nina Lumberio said...

I love shoes!

chess addict said...

you have a very nice pair of shoes.