Monday, September 15, 2008

It's My Day!

Today is my DAY! because it is my birthday! Oh no... i can't believe i'm __! guess? hehehe! i'm inviting you all my fellow bloggers.. magpapainom ako! nyahahahaha! kidding!

My wishes...actually i don't have much wishes as long as both my families are in good health and happy. and i thank God for another year in my life! oh yeah i got one major wish! i wish to get pregnant pretty pretty soon!


MIRA said...

Happy birthday and may you have many more blessing to receive.
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honey said...

Happy Birthday gles. Hope all your dreams will come true. God sped!

Debbie said...

Hi Gles! Birthday mo gayam... anya ti handam ngay?

Anyway, happy birthday! May God continue to shower you with more blessings!