Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Listen to This!

When i was a kid i always love to sing but as i grow older i dont know what happened that singing and i were separated but i know in my heart that i really love music but i guess music dont love me at all. haha! But until now, every now and then i still sing especially when i get bored and can't think of anything else to do, and just today as i was doing my drops i came across into a blog whom the author recorded her song. So why not coconut! i also wanna try.. hehe! anyway be the judge if you want but pls be kind enough okey?! lol! here's the song i recorded with my voice of course.. sssshhhh... just listen first and leave your comment afterwards. k?

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Ilocana said...

Okay Gles, I'll be kind on my comment.he,he... Hmm,,,you sounds okay. Di ka naman pumiyuk, lol!!

Gles said...

hahaha! salamat amy! thats really a kind comment. trying hard kumanta eh!

honey said...

Wow glessie ha may talent ka pala lola..hhehhe