Monday, August 18, 2008

The Worst Pick Up Line I've Ever Heard!

High School days has a lot of memories for me. I got a lot of friends male and female, i used to have this long straight hair eversince and i call it my Victory Hair, my crowning glory as they say cuz it is really shiny and soft, i dont uusually tie it all up so my classmates are used to seeing it being flaunted by me everyday to school. and one time i tried to tie it all up for a change, when i went to school one of my male classmate said " your hair looks like a horse tail being tied up!". From then on i never tied it up again cuz that was the worst pick up line ever that i have heard. So i feel i always got a Victory Hair cuz everybody were just touching it, i dont really care if it gets messed up.

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