Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Payday!

It's payday! yay! i was so excited today cuz i got my first pay check. but i already spend some of it even before this day. hehe! well, i gotta have stuff and clothes that i need for work cuz most of my old clothes which i brought with me from the philippines are now all small and dont fit well anymore, it is disgusting to see those bulges when i wear them. So my husband gave me the go signal to do some shopping this past few days and today when i get off work i also bought some new pair of jeans, tops and two pair of shoes. how could i not when i can buy them for buy one get the second one for 88 cents. isn't it an awesome deal?! so yeah! i did some spending again tonight and i said to myself.... i'm done! hahaha! well, i guess i deserve to treat myself anyways its my money. and with my husband's permission also. It feels good after all the tiring hard work i've done im now reaping the fruit of my labor. on my next pay check? oh i won't spend it just for shopping alone, i promise myself to save some of it. i guess that's the best thing that i should do isn't it? cuz we'll never know the future.

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