Monday, August 18, 2008

Day-off? na-ah!

I am off from work yesterday and today, but i still didnt get the rest that i am longing for cuz yesterday i actually went to the mall to buy some stuff for me, my husband and some gifts that i am going to send to Philippines next month. Its for my niece birthday and my mom's too as well as a welcome gift to my three months old nephew. my husband dropped me off at the mall around 11:30 in the morning, i went to the salon to have my haircut and after that i spend my whole day shopping at JC Penney and got home around almost six pm. I actually worked there so you know that i get discount as an associate and yesterday i was able to use my 35% discount and the $10 award i got for two consecutive days that we reached our goal for the sales. yay! We also have a lot of sales on everything. i really saved a lot that's why i am so thankful. it's really a big help and advantage to work in a store like jc penney cuz they give good benefits to their employees.

Anyway, i'm still not done with my household chores here. i am loaded! i still need to make some lumpia for my co-employee who always drop me off to home everytime we have the same shift cuz she doesn't want me to wait for the bus besides we live not too far from the mall. Tomorrow i work in the morning so i also need to make lunch for my husband and me. so i gotta end this now and get back to my cleaning. i'll try my best to update my blog on my free days and time and do my blog hopping too.

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Mariuca said...

Hi Gles! Sounds like u had a busy but FUN shopping day and all that discount too! :)