Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Back

Hi guys! i'm back to blogging world, first of all i wanna thank all of you for always visiting my blog though i wasn't able to visit you back. well, the reason why i was gone is that our old computer died. lol! it just shut down and never turn on anymore, we just bought the replacement today. we waited until my husband's payday to buy a new one. haha! we didnt had a budget ready for this but im happy because finally that old one was gone, i always bugged my husband about that crap cuz it was so so slow. now this one is fast and i really like it. We decided to buy a laptop instead of a desktop. My blogging sideline was jeopardize for a week, lol! i will try to visit all of you once i get enough time. maybe tomorow cuz i'm off from work. Oh! thats my good news, i already blurted it out. finally i got a job and started a couple days ago. Oh ha day off agad. Our trainer is off tomorrow too that is why, we have to go along on her schedule cuz nobody else would train us. So that means also that i wouldn't be online most of my time anymore.

Life sucks without internet, my week was really a heck boring! i can only check my emails, ym and blog on my phone but i can't even read my cbox. I really am an internet addict and i am claiming that. Well its really a load of fun right?! Anyway, i gotta go now and check my emails. and try to catch some fish tonight if there are still left for me. Goodnight to ya'll!!


Hello! said...

Gles, kala ko nag stop kana sa blogging or nag vacation. hehe! but glad your back.

Gles said...

i won't stop blogging, i'll keep this blog updated as long as i can. hehe! thanks!