Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning Rants!

I wake up early this morning cuz i wanted to do some cleaning in the bathroom and in the kitchen, besides it's been a couple of weeks since the last time i did some cleaning. i also did the laundry. i've always been exhausted after work that i can't do any household chores anymore when i get home. My legs and feet are just so freakin' sore from walking and goin up and down the stair all day in our stockroom. Sometimes i wanted to just give up but not now, i need to be more patient. it's actually my last day today, the next couple of days are my days off but we'll be out of town so i really need to do it right now. We are goin to Reno, Nevada for 2 days. So i'll be posting some pics once we get back. We are just taking the chance to travel while we can and also we are lookin for a place to move. we only have a few months left to stay here in our apartment and my husband is ready for a new place. how about me? well, i'm not but it's fine! i have to go where my husband go. or else... haha!

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