Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Numbness No More


I have been experiencing numbness and some tingling in my wrist and sometimes it is really hard cuz it stops me from doing other things. I was thinking what it is and what causes my wrist numb. I thought that maybe because i am typing here all day in the computer.i usually feel it when im hovering the mouse and so that is the time time for me to remind myself take a few minutes break from using the computer, but now that a smart gloves was introduced i guess i can get one for myself for my carpal tunnel relief, i can use it eventhough i am working here on the computer.I dont need expensive pain relievers anymore to treat it cuz smart gloves does it all to ease my pain. How smart is that huh?! i can even wear it if i needed to go somewhere while carpal tunnel syndrome is striking me.
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