Monday, August 11, 2008

So Far So Good!

I have been working for a week already and so far i am enjoying every bit of my job though sometimes i still get confuse cuz there are really a lot of stuff for me to learn and remember. I am just so thankful that my co employees are so kind and patient in teaching me especially my trainer. she's the best! as well as my manager, i told her that im scared especially when ringing up a customer on the POS but she told me not to and she'll always be there to assist me when i get confuse or lost. lol! I don't wanna make mistake most especially with the POS. I'm hoping that i could get use to it all. All i can say is that im loving my job especially when i did a good job dealing with my customers. And i should mention that today one customer that i attended to appreciate me though i was just a new member of the team and still on the process of learning everything around my job. and in just a few minutes being on the sales floor i get two commissions from my sales. i felt really cool.

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anneV said...

congratulations! you are one step into becoming a very good employee.

everything is difficult in the beginning but surely, you will be able to master everything one day and be good at it!