Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bandana Girl Look

When i was still single i always make sure that my hair is a Victory Hair with Extreme Style by VO5, meaning i really make effort to make it shiny and soft though i dont intend to attract someone else but yup the very first thing that somebody else would notice at me is my hair. why? because it is indeed shiny and so black! i really take extra care of my hair cuz i thought it is my asset. hehe! Anyway this picturre below is the photo where i hooked the love of my life now. He calls it "the girl in bandana" and i call it "the winner look!"

I guess those smiles gave him a spark and struck his heart and fell in love with the girl in bandana, lol! So you see, you can flirt without saying a single word as long as you give some look of expressions which somebody else may be hook. Wanna try your flirting ability? Play the Ultimate Flirting Championship to see if you can give that spark to someone you want to flirt with. it's a fun online game! give it a shot now and enjoy! don't forget to score yourself!

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