Friday, August 29, 2008

Am I Complaining?

Social spark is acting weird tonight, i reserved a task but when i wanted to do it and click on the opportunity reserved it wont let me through. i'm still thankful that eventhough i dont have much time to do blogging now cuz im already working i still have the chance to write. social spark just made it possible for giving me and us bloggers plenty of time to finish the task. But i really wanna do this task, c'mon ss let me through... i'm running out of time. i still have chores to do in the kitchen. Good thing i work late in the afternoon tomorrow, atleast i can do the laundry in the morning and maybe some cleaning as well. i'll also have time to do some hopping and dropping.
Now i feel like i have so much to do tomorrow. i hope i can finish it all before i go to work. oh..... everything really changes when you start working. busy busy busy!! zZzzzzzZZZzz...... lol!

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