Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Ranting!

Thank God it's weekend once again! but i'm not yet off work. It just mean that one more day til my last day then comes my 2 days off. Hay! been waiting for it. Anyway i'll be quitting my job pretty soon cuz we have already decided a place to move in to. So by the end of next month at the latest we will be moving to our new place, new home and new environment. I'll just tell you where when we get there. I won't be working for a while cuz i get so tired and i am so worried it might cause too much stress for my baby and i don't wanna put him/her at risk. I can't afford losing another one. Right now, we haven't tell my husband family about it cuz we wanted it a surprise. here we go again with the surprise thingy! lol! But i can't keep secret with my family so last time i talked to them i already revealed it to them, of course they were so happy and praying that this time around its gonna be for real. i mean this time it should be meant for us!

Anyway, i'm so excited to move and live in a new environment, my husband says it is colder there in the winter. brrrr! And they get more snow than here in washington. but it's okey as long as theres a fireplace inside the house. Oh no, my nose isn't good right now. i feel like i'm gonna have colds later. been sneezing a lot since i woke up this morning. I better go now and find some medicine before its too late. enjoy your weekend folks!!

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noreen said...

let me guess, you're moving to Colorado, aight?...hahahah