Friday, October 10, 2008

Recent Update!

I haven't updated my blog for a quite few days already. well, there's really nothing much goin on lately. We just went to Denver this week for two days to see how it looks like. It was nice there and it is a huge city as well as the airport. it is really huge!We check out some apartments too and oh boy! they are pretty expensive. We were so tired for two days cuz we all we did was drive all day to look at possible places for us to move to. Anyway theres a chance that we might be moving there but its not yet a final decision.

After the trip, i get back to work the next day. Wasn't really good at all cuz i was still feeling tired. I've been also so grumpy maybe it's because of my pregnancy. Lately i feel that i have aleady some cravings. Most of it are sweets. I just love eating sweets. And the very latest cravings that i had was a filipino dish called " ginisang monggo" or "mung beans" so i cooked it for my lunch today. And so i was so happy and very full. Oh before i forget here's a pic of my monggo. So yummy!! I put shrimp instead of meat and i also used spinach since theres no ampalaya here. Turned out just the way i like it!!

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