Monday, October 27, 2008

First Ob-gyne Visit

Today was my first appointment with the nurse and doctor. I had history and physical exam at the same time. So far as everything is fine, my weight and my blood pressure. I also had had a blood test, boy! i am already immune to needles. I'll be going back next week for an ultrasound to know how far along i really am now since they only based it with the last day i stop taking my birth control pills. The nurse says i am approximately on my 8 weeks and 6 days now. So next week i will know exactly how far along i am now and i will also get to hear the baby's heartbeat if we can.

Now i still don't feel safe. i am worried, i admit that! Maybe i will only feel relieved when i hear the heartbeat. I already had a trauma with my first pregnancy, we didn't hear the heartbeat. and after a few days it was gone. So with this one, i am hoping and praying that we could hear it. This is the only way i can breath without worrying about it again. Sometimes i can't help but to have negative thoughts again. There are a lot of "what if's" goin on in my mind. Oh boy! what can i do. eventhough i dont want to, i can't avoid it. Well i guess, i need a lot of prayers and a lot of care with my health especially on my food intake. Need prayers and good advices for pregnancy everyone!!


Julie said...

Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!

DebbieDana said...

Hi sis! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes, hopefully this time, you'll have a healthy and safe pregnancy... Just free yourself from worrying so much, relax, take extra care of yourself, take your pre natal vitamins religiously, exercise, and ofcourse, pray diligently... Hold on to your faith....God will never fail you!

Keep us updated about your pregnancy ok?