Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Positive

Honestly i don't know what and how should i feel about it. I guess the trauma with what had happened to me months before comes back again. i should be happy with the result cuz we've been waiting for this but i am a little freaky too. I blog about my miscarriage experience before and that was my worse nightmare. I am hoping ang praying that this time its for real and this one is really meant for us. We wanted this so badly.

I dont want to think negatively but i am scared. i want this so as my husband! And this time we are so much ready.


noreen said...

Congratulations, Ate glesie...LEt's just cross our fingers that this time, it's meant to be for you and your husband...Happy for you..take care and be healthy always..miss you...


Ilocana said...

Hey, congrats kabsat! Wow, how many weeks/months na? Try not to worry, God is always good and I'm sure He will hear your prayers..
Take care N God bless you.