Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Craving!!!!

It's already 12 noon but i haven't eat breakfast yet. i don't have appetite! i don't know what to eat but i am thinking of something that i wanted to eat for lunch. It's all filipino dish. I want pinakbet, sinigang na baboy and paksiw na tilapia! arrghh..... too bad i don't have anything filipino veggies or fish to cook right now. i feel so bad! I have to convince my husabnd to go with me at the filipino restaurant. i hope he would go! I feel like my day wouldn't be any good at all if i can't have either one of those dishes i mentioned. This makes me miss my home back in PI so bad! i miss my mother's cooking!

Yesterday it was my niece birthday and i had the chance to see and talk to them thru skype, i was so jealous cuz they were eating pancit and ginatan. I wish i was home even for a short time. There are really times that i would feel this way. But today i know it's different cuz i am pregnant and it is normal for me to have cravings but i want them so bad!!! As in now na! haha! Next time when we go to the asian store i will make sure that i get veggies. i can't cook the danggit right now cuz my husband is here and he hate the smell of it!! grrr...

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