Friday, October 3, 2008

Just my Day!

Just wanna blog about my day today. Well we were a bit busy at work since we have our ultimate shoe and handbag sales until the 14th of the month. And aside from that we hae this scratch stuff kinda like a lotto thing, It has 15%, 20%, and 30% off on all your purchases if you will use your JCP card to pay. Not bad at all! But honestly though i work there i dont have one. Well i don't really need one, i already have my associate discount. lol! My main reason is that i dont wanna be in debt. We have to look out for our finances and control our spending.

Anyway, it's my friday again tomorrow and i'll be off for the next three days. We are goin to Denver this time. This is going to be our last trip for checkin out places. I hope that we both like Denver so then we dont have to wait any longer to move out here. We wanna be outta here before haloween. And with my condition we wanted to make it really sooner as possible before the bump shows off! hehe!

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