Friday, October 31, 2008

Not Feeling Good Today

I have been off from work for a week now, i am just not feeling good. i know that it is because of my pregnancy. the other day i was getting ready for work but before i take a shower i throw up, so i called in sick. yesterday i went to work. i was feeling good but just after three hours i felt something coming out so i went to the restroom to see what it was. And i was so shocked and scared to see that i waas bleeding. but i wasn't feeling anything painful or cramps but the bleeding was heavy, it's like having a normal period. so i panicked again and told my co-worker right away. She told me to take a break and just sit down and calm down, everything will be fine.

Good thing during that time my manager was on the floor, she asked me what's goin on so we told her. She let me call the doctor's office and i got to takled with the nurse. She asked about the bleeding and some more questions that i don't wanna say it here.. hehe! So she told me what might caused the bleeding. She adviced me to rest and observe it. My manager gave me a ride home. she was also worried about me.

I observed the bleeding till evening, i was relieved when it stop last night. Thank Goodness!! i thought something terrible will happen again. i can't afford to be in that situation again. So today i decided to take a rest and not to go to work. i will just call in again, anyway my manager advice me to give her a call if i can't report today. She is so nice and very understanding. i gave her my resignation paper yesterday and she understand my reason.

There's nothing more important to me right now but this life i am carrying right now, i don't ever wanna lose it again!!

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