Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paksiw na Tilapia for Dinner

Boiling hot paksiw na tilapia

I became picky with the food i eat eversince i got pregnant, well we all know that it is very normal for a pregnant woman to have a change in tastebuds. And also there are some certain smell that i used to like but i hated now. Tonight i was craving for paksiw, good thing we bought tilapia when we went to the grocery store. But i don't have any veggies that go with it like eggplant or bittermelon. But it's ok it's still a paksiw ( pickled boiled fish) anyway. We all know that there are certain fishes that a pregnant woman should avoid to eat because of the risk of a high mercury but tilapia isn't one of them. I was so happy it turned out the way i like it cuz you know i am not good in cooking paksiw. but thanks to the recipe i found online. it was easy. So now while im typing this post i am just waiting for the rice to get cooked. Later i'm gonna pig out with my paksiw! yum!

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