Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Thoughts Today..

It's true that time flies so fast especially when you are not waiting on something and just let time and days pass you by. I can't believe that i have been living here in US for almost three years. And in that period of time my life drastically changed. I have adopted the american style of living but i am not saying that i have forgotten my roots. i am still a filipino by blood, heart and attitude and i'm proud of that.

I want to raise my girl with filipino attitudes, and i will definitely introduce Filipino cultures to her. She may be living here in the US but i will teach her also the filipino way and style of living. I want her to learn the filipino language so she can talk to her relatives in the Philippines. It is also easier for them because they are not fluent in english. So as early as now i am already communicating with her in tagalog. They said that it is easier to teach them and for them to learn while they are still babies. Sometimes i feel she gets confused because i am talking to her in two diferent language.

This coming October we will be going to the Philippines for a vacation. I am going to buy some filipino books so i can teach her to read tagalog words. My husband can also benefit from those books because he is also willing to learn tagalog language. I am so excited!

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