Friday, July 16, 2010

My little fashionista

It is so cute to dressed up a little girl. I feel like i have a living doll. I just want to share my little girl's recent photos. She didn't want to wear her sunglasses before but she see me and her dad wearing ours whenever we go out so she probably thought she would want to wear hers too. So now everytime i put it on her she's got a big smile on her face and dont want me to take it off even when she is already inside the house.

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Ilocana said...

Hi Gles, it's been awhile huh! I guess each of us tends to get lazy now adays to go blog hopping, hehe.. I hate to admit but I seldom visit my blog coz of facebook.. But I'm trying to catch up hehehe..

And look at your little girl! She have grown! She's so pretty and adorable! You're right, having a little girl is really like having a living doll. :)

Oh, thanks for the visit by the way.. Good to hear from you ^_^.