Friday, July 16, 2010

I drove last night..

And it was my first to drive in the dark. I texted my husband and asked him if he could go to the store after work because we need a few things and groceries. He gets off at 9:30 pm, he texted me back and said he will come home to pick me and Ashley up then we will go to store but i will be driving. After reading his text i freak out a little and think to myself he is just joking. But knowing my husband he really mean what he says. So to ease my nervousness i told myself that i can do it. Of course at the back of my mind i still know that i am feeling nervous. Driving at night is way different from driving at daylight. Your views are limited given that i haven't tried driving at night.

Before 9:30 pm Ash and i are ready and just waiting on him. When he got home he wasn't expecting that we would be ready. So before i get in the car i took a deep breath. My husband told me that i should get use to driving at night so off we go. We stop at the gas station first before going to the store. I did pretty good except that when i did a left turn at the traffic light my husband freaked out because he thought i was going to the oncoming lane. i told him i wasnt going that way and i haven't even pulled out to my left. And i can see where i was going, gosh!! At this point in my driving lessons i need to practice more on parking. I thought i was easy but when i am doing it myself it is not. I can do it when there is no car park beside me but i find it hard when i am going to park beside somebody else's car. I am scared i might hit other car.

We got home safe by the way. LOL!

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