Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coming Back... Update and Random!

It's been a very long time since i opened my blog. i didn't update it too for the reason that i have been busy taking care of my angel. she is now almost 14 months old. She's been walking and loves cruising around the house. Yes, our house. We moved in almost 3 months ago and we are so happy that we have now our own space and not sharing walls with somebody else. We have all the privacy we needed and can do whatever since it is our own now.I can hang any decors i want on the walls without thinking of taking it down anytime soon. We also painted some walls. Our house is the biggest investment we have done so far. Atleast we know where our money is going, unlike renting an apartment. We are also happy with the neighborhood we are in because it is so quuiet and peaceful. Neighbors are so friendly. I take Ashley out for a walk almost everyday.And she just loves being outside especially when see dogs.

Theres has been a lot of changes in our life since we had our baby and bought a house. I am also practicing driving. i am enrolled at a driving school, and so far evrything is working good. I have three more lessons with them then im done. My husband let me drive our car around our area whenever we go somewhere. I have gained the confidence, thanks to my coaches! they are awesome! They are so calm and i cant explain the patience they put up on me. I am a first time driver and they were so amazed by how fast i learned the skills. And i'd say it is all because of them. They push me to gain the confidence. I will not say that i am ready to do the road test anytime soon because i still need a lot of practice. I dont feel ready just yet.

When im not practicing, i am just home with my girl. taking care of her because she is so playful now and of course doing house chores. Or just watching TV, facebooking, or anything. Sometimes i wanted to continue blogging but i dont know why i cant motivate myself to write, or maybe because i dont have anything to write or i am just being lazy. weh?! It happens all the time. LOL! I just hope that i can get the motivation to write again after this post. I will try! I want to keep this blog. Because this is MINE!!! :) Anyway, have a great day everyone!! Enjoy the summer!!!

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