Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rin on the Rox!

These two talented young ladies video on you tube was shown on ellen a few weeks ago. They are both darn good and have really amazing voice! Ellen invited them to be on her show and so i really waited for them to be there. And on today's show i was so ecstatic to see these to ladies being on the show. And guess what... i searched their videos on you tube and there were like so many videos of them singing together. And oh they always sing in the bathroom! So if you watch their videos notice their background they are in the bathroom. haha! Maybe that's why Ellen got fascinated with them. One more thing that i got so amazed with was that these two young talented gals are both Filipinos. They are bestfriends, Their names are Erin Paula and Roxanne. Both based in California. They call themselves "Rin on the Rox" So if you wanna see more of their videos just type that on search in you tube. By the way here's a video of them and their guesting on Ellen today.

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