Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Week's Update

I was not able to visit my blog for the whole week for the very reason that i was so busy. Last saturday we picked up my parents in law at the airport. They came to visit us and spent the whole week with us. And that whole week all we did was dining out though i also do home cooking once in a while, i fixed some filipino foods that my DH asked me to make for them. I made some lumpia, deviled eggs, pancit canton, garlic rice breakfast with corned beef and onions and eggs. We also did a lot of shopping for baby stuff. They paid most of it. LOL! So pretty much we got what we need. The nursery set is complete, we got the glider, swing and so as the travel system. I am so happy! Our tax refund came just in time! Though it is so tiring to go out everyday... But anyway it only happens once cuz they live too far from us and we only get to see each other once or twice a year. They will be back again in a few months before i give birth. I just can't stop my MIL from shopping for my baby.. well what can i say it's their very first grand daughter. My husband would just tell me not to mind it. Ya right! they bought most of the baby's clothes. hehe!

I also had my glucose test done and i'll be calling the doctor's office on Monday for the result. So my next appointment will be next month again.. It's getting closer and closer and i can't wait anymore to pop this baby out! i am just so excited!

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