Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Preggo Pics..

By now i am 6 months pregnant and i have posted before here in my blog that we are having a baby girl. Everything is happening so fast.. as if it was just yesterday when we found out we are expecting and now i can't hide the bump anymore cuz i am really huge now. I have been wanting to show it since. When i was only like 3 months i was womdering why is my belly still not showing. But now i feel like am eight months pregnant, many of my friends told me my belly is huge. They are a bit worried my baby might be too big and will give me a hard time to give birth. They all advice me to slow down and watch my eating habit now. Even my doctor told me to maintain mg weight now and wont go 130 lbs cuz by now im weighing 122 lbs. And i am only five feet tall. I am a good girl so i would listen to them, besides who would want to have a hard time giving birth to a big baby. I am hoping to have a normal delivery. So anyway just wanna share some of my preggo pics.. my photographer is my beloved husband!


Lara said...

Wow, your tummy is really showing na. Just take it easy and take care always.

Jade said...

Uy Sis! Congrats! Naunahan mo pa ako. You look great. I am happy for you.

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DebbieDana said...

beautiful buntis!

DhoyM said...

Nice pics. Cogratulations!!